I'm not getting married for a couple of years, when should I start using the Vowza app?

If you are engaged, you can start using the Vowza app right away! At the minimum, you just need yours and your partner’s names and photos. From there, just add your wedding plans and details as you go to start keeping your guests in the loop!

Is the Vowza app available on both iOS and Android?

We are launching in October 2021 on iOS for couples and guests, and on Android for guests. Android for couples is expected later in 2021, or early 2022 so as long as you or your partner has an iPhone or an iPad, you and your guests will have everything they need.

Will my guest be able to upload photos to the Vowza app so everyone can see them?

Yes, guests will be able to upload their photos to the Vowza app, but only you will be able to see them until you approve them.

Do you advertise on the Vowza app?

No, never. You may see recommendations from the happy couple in terms of accommodation and travel services, but we never serve ads in the Vowza app.

Do our guests have to pay for the Vowza app?

No, the app is 100% free for all guests. You, as the engaged couple, pay to add Vowza to your wedding, then invite your guests to download the app and view the wedding details you’ve chosen to share with them.

Will my wedding always be accessible to me on the Vowza app?

Yes. Once you have added Vowza to your wedding, it will exist on the Vowza app for as long as you want it. You will have access to your data before, during and after your wedding. If you no longer use the app after your big day we will contact you before deleting anything.

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