Three Weddings and a Founder

February 2018 was the date my partner finally got down on one knee and proposed. It wasn’t exactly magical as I was ill and reacted to the proposal by being sick, but it was the start of planning our magical day. Although I have never been that person who has their wedding planned out from a small child, I did have an idea of the type of day I wanted. The three most important things; the food, the music and that my guests have the best day.

Planning, although fun, was pretty time consuming, trying to think about what would make for the best day. But, hey, you only get married once, right? We set a date in August of 2020 at a perfect venue, beautiful, fun, accessible and the food was amazing!

At the end of 2019 I was freelancing as a marketing consultant and Nick and Amy approached me to help launch Vowza; an app that was designed to bring all of those meticulously planned wedding details to a couple’s guests.

After hearing the pitch, it struck me that Vowza was something that did not exist, but that absolutely should. I have been to a lot of weddings and the biggest issue has always been knowing, retaining or finding important details; where it is, what time, where I am sitting, how I am getting home and whether I should eat beforehand or not? Vowza was exactly what I want and what my guests need!

2020 rolled in with the excitement of working with Vowza on their launch in April, and our wedding in August. A good year. Well, it would have been if it weren’t for that pesky Coronavirus.

Nick and Amy continued to build Vowza in the hope that they could launch in 2020. Sadly, in September, Nick and Amy had accepted the fact that launching an app designed for weddings, as weddings were being cancelled indefinitely, was not the best idea. From a business perspective this was sensible. Disappointing, but sensible. The world had been shutting down, people closing doors and gatherings being hailed as a thing of the past, not really the best time to be launching an app for weddings. Sadly, Nick and Amy decided to power Vowza down and I said my goodbyes.

For me, my wedding remained a complete unknown, our venue, like most, was trying to be optimistic, our suppliers were completely in the dark and we felt in limbo. I didn’t know whether to buy my bridesmaids dresses, get my dress altered, push for RSVPs. I, like about 200,000 other people, was lost.  

We actually didn’t find out our wedding was going to be officially cancelled until the end of June 2020, just 6 weeks before the date. Luckily, I didn’t buy the kids bridesmaid dresses!

We rescheduled for August 2021. This seemed so far away and was so very disappointing, we were supposed to be married and there I was, having to wait yet another year.

By the time December 2020 arrived we had a real sense that this virus was not going to magically disappear, as everyone had decided it would, and it seemed a very real possibility we were going to be casualties of a second wedding cancellation. By this time as estimated 280,000 weddings had been cancelled and this number was going to rise, week by week.

It is fair to say that we had a pendulum of emotions and decisions going on, one day I was 100% certain I wanted to get married in 2021, even if it meant only 30 people attending, the next day I could not have been more sure that cutting my guestlist was the last thing I wanted, even if my wedding was yet another year away.

My wedding was uncertain, but something that wasn’t was Nick and Amy’s determination to rebuild Vowza, to get back on track what Coronavirus had rudely derailed, and that is when we decided that I would come on board as a co-founder.

From the minute I was introduced to Vowza, I was sold and wanted to be involved. It is genuinely a product that every wedding guest needs. It is a unique app that focuses entirely on the aspect of weddings that is overlooked. As I planned my own day I found endless sites, apps and resources to help me plan, scheduling tools, design software, visuals, concepts and more, but there was nothing out there to neatly consolidate all my work and deliver it to my guests, easily.

Not only do I want Vowza at my wedding, but I want it at any weddings I go to. As a serial wedding guest (you get to a certain age and they are every weekend!), I have experienced such easily resolved issues many times;  

I have lost the invite that gives me directions to the reception, causing an anxious convoy of people behind the one organised guest who had the invite with directions on them.

I have been starving (at more than one wedding) by not having knowledge of what time the food was served.

I have had to use my elbows as 100 people crowd around an easel to find out where they are sitting, and then felt awkward when I arrive at my table as I have no idea who half of them are.

I have had a panic (and expensive resolution) as the wedding ends and I’ve not arranged transport home.

The list goes on and I know these are common and accepted by most. Seems silly when you read it, right?
Vowza is a simple, effective and intuitive solution. It is what all wedding guests need. All of the information you need and want in the one place you always have on you - your smartphone.

I am so excited to be involved with Vowza; working towards our launch in October 2021 at The Weddings Show (take a look at Nick’s blog to check out why we are so excited for this to finally happen)And I am happy to say I have decided to reschedule my wedding for 2023; I decided I couldn’t face cutting my guestlist after all; as when it comes down to it my guests are the most important aspect of my wedding.

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