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Your most important wedding details in one place; your guests' hands

With so much to share and so much to remember, Vowza makes it easy for you to keep your guests in the loop before and on your big day.

No more last minute arrangements for late friends who need directions to the venue - Vowza will take them right to the door. No more guests going missing when you need them to pose for a group photo - Vowza will let them know where to be and when. No more worrying if guests are able to get home or to a hotel after the big day - Vowza gives them all they need in the palm of their hand so that you can end your night on a high.

All of your guests questions, requests and curiosities answered; all in one app.

Keep your guests up to date. Share what you want, when you want

From the day you get engaged until your big day arrives (and beyond), make sure to add Vowza to your wedding and share your details with your guests in one place.

With Vowza, you're always in control. Add your wedding details and choose to share them with your guests when you want to. Whether that is immediately so that your closest friends can book up a hotel room early, or at a later date so that cousin Richard only knows he is sat next to Aunt Sue at the last minute.

Your guests will love and appreciate being kept in the loop with the details for your big day, and having all the information they need at their fingertips.

Absolutely zero friction

We couldn't have made it easier for you to share your wedding with Vowza, and for your guests to access it. Simply share your unique QR code with your guests, and with a quick scan they will be able to see what you've chosen to share with them.

Your guests don't even have to sign up for an account. It really is just as simple as it sounds!

There's more

Smart notifications

We'll work out the best times to tell your guests that you've made changes, and when things are taking place. You just focus on your big day, we've got you.

Make changes instantly from the Vowza app

Add, update or remove any of your information right from within the Vowza app. No having to wait to log on to a website, you can access it anywhere your phone is and your guests will see the updates instantly. You're always in control.

It's the little big things


Lockable menu

Want to tease your food and drink menu? Add your choices, and set them to be unvieled to your guests at a time of your choosing. You can lock any of your wedding details.


Shared gallery

Your guests can upload photos and videos right from within the app. You choose which ones get published to the rest of your guests.


Intelligent menu

We'll always make sure the most appropriate information is available to your guests at the right times. For example, taxi companies will appear at the top of the menu towards the end of the night.


Live weather

As soon as weather data is available for your venue's location, we'll start letting your guests know how it's looking!



2 hours before carriages, we'll send a friendly reminder to your guests to book a taxi or car service if they haven't already.


Free for guests

Your guests can download and use Vowza absolutely free of charge. We'll never show adverts, and we'll never force them to sign up for an account or ask them for their data. There's no catch.

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